Site Name: lost. Laura Palmer web.
Site Date: July 22 2005
Subject: This site is an homage to Laura Palmer, a character from the television series Twin Peaks.

During the years this site has changed locations and has taken long hiatus. However, the purpose has always been the same: to pay homage to Laura Palmer and to document the effects she has had on people in their daily lives, which will be prominent in posts. No copyright infringement is intended. If you feel I have trespassed upon your original works, please ask me to remove it. Thank you.

“The murder of Laura Palmer was the center of the story, the thing around which all the show’s other elements revolved – like a sun in a little solar system. It was not supposed to get solved. The idea was for it to recede a bit into the background, and the foreground would be that week’s show. But the mystery of the death of Laura Palmer would stay alive. And it’s true: As soon as that was over, it was basically the end.” – David Lynch