Messages from someone special, a real life Harold to the “real” Laura Palmer.

Jun 15 2009 I love you more and more
Jun 5 2008 you are always on my dreams. Love
april 1 2008 I wanna share all with you
march 5 2008 Dear laura, whare are you? I’m looking for you…
february 4 2008 who killed you?
december 8 2007 you are so adorable
november 6 2007 dear laura, i like your new pics, love daniele
september 11 2007 Dear Laura, i’m thinking of you
august 6 2007 a desire…the last one
july 26 2007 Dear Laura, I keep a secret
june 19 2007 Dear Laura, where are you?
june 4 2007 Dear Laura, I have found the true love.
may 21 2007 The heart asks pleasure first
And then, excuse from pain-
And then, those little anodynes
That deaden suffering;
And then, to go to sleep;
And then, if it should be
The will of its Inquisitor,
The liberty to die.
april 30 2007 dear laura, tell me..I miss you…
april 21 2007 Dear Laura, I’d like to read your secret diary.
april 13 2007 Dear Laura, I’d like to find true love
march 26 2007 Dear Laura, a kiss for you
march 15 2007 love is a butterfly
march 13 2007 Dear Laura, each man kills own love
february 25 2007 Dear Laura, I feel lonely. Very lonely
february 4 2007 dear laura, I said my love
february 3 2007 Dear Laura, this is my second secret: my best friend loves a person invented by me
january 29 2007 I watched Fire dance with me
january 8 2007 hi laura…tomorrow it’s my birthday…
decembre 18 2006 I love you too
decembre 14 2006 dear laura my head is full of questions my hous is full of lies
decembre 13 2006 Dear Laura, me too, I’d like to meet my father
december 5 2006 Dear Laura, I wonder if you were an illusion
novembre 25 2006 dear laura, this is my first secret: I love my best friend
novembre 21 2006 Dear Laura, I know who is Bob
novembre 17 2006 do you wanna become the keeper of my secrets?
novembre 17 2006 my mother is coming with milk and bisquits…this night a strange and confused dream…there was two friends in the same person
novembre 14 2006 are you able to keep a secret?