Current Count: 44

001 Tsuzuki Russia because Laura is the most sweet, the most beautiful, the most tragic personification of our perverted world. We all start with innocence and end with pain & suffering… Rest in peace, laura. I love you.
002 Jewel Australia because unsolved mystery fascinates me
003 Claire England because Laura is fascinating
004 Klara Sweden because Twin Peaks rocks
005 Bob Scotland because Having followed Lynch’s work since being stunned by the terrible beauty of Eraserhead,i found his journey into soap opera ‘wonderful and strange’. The blend of fairy tale and americana was truly bewitching- at the dark heart of which featured the lonesome struggle of a new age detective on the cold trail of one helluva sleeping beauty
006 Jessie Australia
007 Marcus Italy because Laura is a woman full of secrets
008 Keva Netherlands because I loved Twin Peaks since I was very young and Laura has always been my favourite character, can’t really explain why. Something about her
009 Nekros Belgium
010 Brianna USA
011 Aly Australia because She was such a unique character, and I felt sorry for her because of her experiences with BOB.
012 Lissi USA because I admire her strength to have fought so long
013 Becki Australia
014 Melissa Canada because I read her diary
015 Natalie USA
016 Gerti Estonia
017 Roberta Italy because she remember me my youth
018 Vladimir Serbia because her soul is lost
019 Kimberly USA because she’s wrrrraaped in plaaaaaastic
020 Kaly Spain because it’s such a deep character, misunderstood by many
021 Tonya USA
022 Melissa Russia
023 Linda Italy because she’s in part similar to me
024 Melissa Russia
025 Daria Israel
026 Heather USA because even though her life is shitty, she doesn’t want anyone else to suffer with her (Donna, James, etc)
027 Marcus Italy because she’s so intriguing and mysterious, even in death
028 Scarlett USA because she is beautiful, mysterious, innocent and experienced…just like me.
029 Celeste USA
030 John England
031 Stacey Australia
032 Jon USA
033 Daniel Italy because She Was The Heart of Twin Peaks.
034 Laila Sweden because she really tried to be a good person and make the world a better place. She seemed so sweet and nice. She was strong and didin’t let BOB ger her soul.
035 Sam Canada because her story is a tradegy to learn from
036 Missy USA
037 Daniela Italy
038 Susan USA
039 Mirka Finland because she’s so beautiful and a sweet person. She’s changed my life.
040 Myra USA because chicks with issues rock
041 Paulina Latvia
042 Kira Poland because she is to be pitied for having such a nightmare of a life and, at the same time, admired for being able to live it for such a long time
043 Sofia USA
044 Trina USA I feel like I know her but sometimes my arms bend back.