“David and I were working on the Laura Palmer theme for Twin Peaks, he would sit next to me at the keyboard. In a very soft and expressive way, he said, “Angelo, the music should begin very dark and slow. Imagine that you’re all alone in the dark woods, and the only sounds you hear are the wind and the soft cry of an owl. It’s kind of scary, and the music should haunt and mesmerize you.” Then I would start playing it, and David would say, “That’s it. That’s it. Play it slower. That’s so beautiful. Now you see a beautiful teenage girl in the distance, and she’s coming out from behind a tree. She’s all alone and so troubled. Now take that darkness and go into a beautiful melody.” I would change the musical colors, and build them ever so slowly until they reached a climax, and David would be saying, “Oh, it’s so beautiful! You’re tearing my heart out, Angelo!” After that meeting, I told David that I was going to take the music home and work on it. David said, “Angelo, don’t change a single note!” He told me that I’d nailed Laura Palmer’s theme.”