Laura Palmer had two diaries. One she had received as a present on her twelfth birthday. When Laura realized that BOB had been reading the diary, she gave the diary to Harold Smith. This is the diary which was later discovered by Donna Hayward who attempted to steal it from Harold. Harold destroyed most of the diary before committing suicide. Only pages of Laura’s secret diary were ever revealed, the pages torn out by BOB which were discovered at the murder site and the pages salvaged from Harold’s apartment. This is also the diary which was seen by Jennifer Lynch and sold to the public as a Twin Peaks tie-in book.

After leaving her original diary with Harold, Laura started a second diary to throw BOB off track. This is the diary discovered by Police which also tipped them off to Laura’s drug habit.

Episodes featuring diary:
Episode 10: The Man Behind Glass (2.003)
Episode 11: Laura’s Secret Diary (2.004)
Episode 12: The Orchid’s Curse (2.005)
Episode 13: Demons (2.006)
Episode 14: Lonely Souls (2.007)
Episode 16: Arbitrary Law (2.009)

“I was called at my home and asked to meet my father and Mark Frost at Mark’s house. I was brought in to one of the back rooms and the door was closed, and there was a moment of silence before I was told that I was one of three air breathing mammals to know who the killer was. And I won’t say specifically what I was told, but I can tell you that I was then one of three smiling people in that room.

I was given a list of characters to create in the diary, and I was given a semblence of ideas, certainly where the show was going to go. But the beauty of it was that, in fact, in the same meeting during in which I was told who the killer was to be, I was given so much creative freedom and I was just told basically – ‘These are the people that we need to have mentioned and do with them what you will’. So it was a real gift. I really got to build Laura as I wanted to. It was a good feeling.

One of the things I’ve been asked a few times is whether or not anything in the diary is from my own life. And I can tell you that there are two things specifically in the diary from my own life. But I’m only willing to tell you one of them. One of them is that the dream of Laura sitting in a corner or a room with a rat that she knows is going to come and bite her foot off, so she bites her own foot off instead, rather than have the rat bite it off. That’s mine. Now I share that with her.

Second season. Some of the people, Mrs.Tremond from Meals on Wheels, who appear in the diary and then we actually see in second season are relevant for alot of different reasons. Some of which I’ll mention. I think that Laura had such an instinct about herself and a sadness about her own behavior, and yet a bewilderment. And so she still had hope in her that by accomplishing some redeeming acts, she could be somehow forgiven and saved, if you will.

Mrs.Tremond is sort of the perfect example of someone who might be forgiving of someone like Laura and Laura, I think, wanted to live as long as Mrs.Tremond. So I think the whole Meals on Wheels experience is a manifestation of how to give back and redeem ones self and try to be as pure as possible. All the while knowing that behind your smile there’s this great weight and darkness.” Jennifer Lynch